This is our newest line of cosmetics, it has a wonderful new ingredient that acts like you have had your face airbrushed. The Diamond Powder complex helps reflect the light from lines and wrinkles. We have also added real Diamond powder to this formula, to help enhance the diamond powder complex. Aura-Lusion Diamond Finish Powder is Fusion of Colors answer to High Definition Powders. This entrapped diamond complex manipulates incident light by converting invisible UV light to blue light (photoluminescence) and selectively scattering favorable blue and green light. The particles settle in the wrinkle and subtly illuminate a blue glow which decreases the appearance of wrinkles. This leads to youthful looking skin as the appearance of shadows, wrinkles, pigmentation and discolorations are diminished The change you see is very subtle, you skin looks better and you don't know why. If you have had trouble with your powder foundation looking cakey you can add some of this powder to it and it will make it look smoother on your skin. With the addition of the Real Diamond Powder this make this product even better!! See what our customers have to say Okay, I'm not quite sure exactly why yet, but I think I'm in love with your new finishing powder. I've only used the light one, so far, but the best way that I can describe the effect that it gives is to compare it to wearing pantyhose on your face. You know how pantyhose just make your legs look better? Well, that's what I'm getting from this powder. It gives a nice glow, perhaps a sheen, without any sparkle. I did, however, immediately notice that it diminished the appearance of my pores on my left cheek, significantly. I've been buffing the powder on, over foundation, with a synthetic kabuki. Carleen, Florida I tried the clear yesterday around my eyes and did notice a subtle difference. It kind of diffused the light and made the skin seem smoother. Becky, Arizona I did see a difference - my face looked even smoother than usual. Lisa, New Jersey I tried the medium one on my freshly washed face. I had hubby check me in natural light and he noticed the difference. I have 2 areas near both my cheeks that have always had redness - your product COVERED IT UP!!! I usually have to use a separate color corrector or use extra foundation on top of these areas. He also said my lines looked LESS!! Evita, Texas just wanted to tell you that I also use any of your new powders as an eye lid base coat under eye shadow. I use a liquid primer, wait a bit, then sweep it on and it does soften my almost 52 year old lids exceptionally well!! Makes my eye colors go on more evenly, too:) Judy, Illinois

Aura-Lusion Diamond Powder
Aura-Lusion Diamond Powder
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