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Eyeshadow colors for your eye color

BROWN EYES Brown eyes can be many shades of brown from copper to black, warm or cool.Brown eyes can wear basically any colors they like. Colors like plums, blue, navy and browns generally look the best. If your brown eyes are more coppery brown. Use cream and taupe browns for a natural base. Plum shades will bring out the warmth and gold tones of your eye color. Copper and golden brown shades will work. Experiment using navy or plum eyeliner.

WARM BROWN EYES Muted plum, violet, olive, moss green, bronze, gold look good on warm brown eyes.look. Try peach and creams for a more subdued natural look.

COOL BROWN EYES Muted plum shades, teal blue, denim, charcoal, steel, silver and cool blues suit cool brown eyes. Cooler shades of brown similar to your eye color would work also. Eyeliner in cool browns, charcoal or dark plum.

DARK BROWN/BLACK EYES Very dark brown/black eyes are best with charcoal, black and cool dark, brown shades. Try colors like brighter colors like blue, plum, bronze to make a statement.

 BLUE EYES LIGHT BLUE to emphasize the blue in your eyes use shades of gold, light warm browns, mauve and lilac.  Grey and light blue eyeshadow can also be used. A warm brown, grey or navy eyeliner if you are using more of a warmer shade of shadow. Silver and white can be used as a highlighter shade, if you are using cooler shades. Use brown mascara for a softer look.

GREY EYES are a  rare eye color To bring out the blue in grey eyes, gray a light grey eyeshadow, similar to your eye color. Steel grey is the most flattering shade. Salmon pinks, corals and beige will also suit you. A cool tone purple/lilac can also be pleasing. Use a grey or navy eyeliner and black mascara.

GREENY BLUE EYES If your eyes are a more green blue. Purple and lilac will bring out the green in your eyes, while gold and copper will bring out the blue and intensify any flecks. Sea green shades of blue and emerald green also go well with greeny blue eyes. For liner try navy, plum, or brown. Use brown or black mascara.

DARK BLUE/NAVY EYES Dark blue eyes looks best with deep bronze, copper and burnt orange shades of brown. Both light and dark blue shades. Charcoal, warm brown, burgundy and plums are flattering. Black, grey or navy eyeliner. Use black mascara.

GREEN EYES Select shades that are warm like burgundy, orange, rust, bronze or violet. Green, gold and copper shades can also make a statement. Warm based colors like cream, peach, apricot and biscuit. Try matching any flecks of color in your eye. Warm brown eyeliner and Brown mascara will create a softer look.

HAZEL EYES Golden and moss greens are beautiful on hazel eyes, as well as plums and purples; try those colors more with a blue base. Warmer browns create a natural look. Brown, copper, rust, golden green eyeliner brown mascara looks the best, but black can also work well. Hazel eyes can be one colour or have multiple flecks of warm brown, copper, blue or green. Match any flecks of color in your eye for a interesting look.  

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