Mineral Makeup The Trend Continues

What is a Mineral?„

Webster’s dictionary defines a mineral as:
“A naturally occurring substance formed through a geologic process.”

Properties of a Mineral:
All minerals are found in the form of a solid
All minerals have a crystalline structure

The Mineral Trend
The root of the Mineral Trend is the concept of Natural Beauty.
Natural Beauty is synonymous with fresh and healthy looking skin
without the help of heavy make-up or even surgery

Claims made for mineral make-up have included delivering nutrients to skin, providing natural sun protection, delivering long-lasting coverage and being suitable for use on sensitive skin. To help protect skin from the visible signs of premature aging.

Most mineral make-up is in the form of loose powders.
Mineral makeup bridges the gap between glamour and natural by extending lines to include eye shadow, blush, and lipstick.
Claim to nurture the skin, while light diffusing properties add dramatic shine and color.

About Fusion of Color Cosmetics

About Fusion of Color Cosmetics

Fusion of Color Cosmetic is an independent mineral make up company based in Chicago. Fusion of Color has been in business since 2003, We make all the loose minerals ourselves, we do not repack or private label them. We use the best ingredients in the industry and are always on the lookout for the newest and innovated ingredients to add to our products and bring them to the next level.  Fusion of Color also makes a lot of their own colorants, we just do not use the basic off the shelf micas and oxides as most mineral companies. We blend our own colors so that you do not have the same colors you will find in the market place.  We carry smaller sizes in our line, so this way you can get a few more colors for the same price as buying the big brands. This also keeps your products fresh and can try some colors that you would never think of trying.  We make our items in smaller batches and do not keep a lot in stock so we can keep them fresh and control the color consistency.  One of he best things about Fusion of Color is that we offer samples to try before you buy.  You can get colors to try that you may not have thought of trying and venturing into a new look without spending a fortune on a color you will never use.  All of Fusion of Color Cosmetics products be it foundations, finishing powder, eyeshadows, blushes all of our lip products are all made with great care to give you the best products in the industry.   You can always e-mail us with any questions about our products and we also welcome inquiries from Beauty Bloggers and Makeup Artists. Fusion of Color does offer Pro Discounts to the beauty industry.