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Fusion of Color Cosmetics Review

My ladies and gents! I’m not even going to give you an excuse as to why I never gave you the other 3 reviews I promised while I was out in Vegas other than to say that I am SO glad I never have to deal with another Vegas internet company ever again in my life. Ever. Because I would probably go insane and it wouldn’t be pretty. With that said, I have a brand new, pretty darn FANtastic company I think you all should go check out like.. right now.

Fusion of Color Cosmetic is an independent mineral make up company based Chicago that was started in 2003 by Kathy Duncan. Her website states that “Fusion of Color Cosmetics are made with the over 30 and up age group in mind, made for the more mature skin issues that this group faces. We have finishes that enhance the skin and make it look flawless not made up. We make all the loose minerals ourselves, we do not repack or private label them. We use the best ingredients in the industry and are always on the lookout for the newest and innovated ingredients to add to our products and bring them to the next level. Fusion of Color also makes a lot of their own colorants; we just do not use the basic off the shelf micas and oxides as most mineral companies. We blend our own colors so that you do not have the same colors you will find in the market place. We carry smaller sizes in our line, so this way you can get a few more colors for the same price as buying the big brands. This also keeps your products fresh and can try some colors that you would never think of trying. We make our items in smaller batches and do not keep a lot in stock so we can keep them fresh and control the color consistency.” Fusion of Color also offers Pro discounts!

First we’ve got a couple of shadows. While Kathy is working on some new shadows right now, listed on the website right now are 155 different shadows from 4 different categories: Bright Colors (7), Colors w/ carmine in them (9), Matte shadows (52), and Shimmer shadows (87). I chose two matte shadows, one from the matte category and one from the colors that include carmine. (**Note from the owner Kathleen: Most of the shadows from the Colors W/ Carmine line have been to no longer include carmine, however some of the colors, like Royalty, have a lot of carmine to achieve the color and therefore can’t be changed to not include carmine)

The first shadow we’ve got is Royalty, from the Colors with Carmine line.

(Swatches are bare skin, Urban Decay Primer Potion, NYX JEP in Milk, and Rimmel ScandalEyes crayon in Paranoid Purple)

Royalty is probably one of my most favorite shadows out of all the matte shadows I own. Like most mattes, when applied over a base, whether it be a translucent base like Urban Decay’s Primer Potion or MYX’s Milk, it will darken up, but I had no problems with the staying power when I applied it just straight to my lid without a base. Granted it had to be packed on a bit more and did apply better with my finger than with a brush, but it definitely did stay without a base and was more true to the color in the pot. (Royalty did darken up considerably more than the next shadow in the review did when applied over a base, though that could have a lot to do with the high amount of carmine in it). I have learned through trial and error that if you use a base like UDPP or Milk and you just apply a transition shade, you can usually apply a shade like Royalty and not have to worry about it darkening up because of your base (if that makes any sense). Either way, with or without a base, this is the most incredible royal purple color that definitely lives up to its name. The Colors with Carmine are only available in a mini/half size which is a 3g jar with .5g of product. You can choose whether you want it with or without a sifter for $4.85.

The second shadow I received was Earth Rose from the Matte Shadows line.

(Swatches are bare skin, Urban Decay Primer Potion, NYX JEP in Milk, and Rimmel ScandalEyes crayon in Bulletproof Beige)

This is a beautiful earthy-taupe shade that can be worn on its own or as a beautiful crease transition color. I actually picked it out because I thought it paired up perfectly with Royalty. Again, this is probably in the top 3 of my favorite neutrals that I own. I did notice that Earth Rose darkened up a bit as well when put over a base, though not as much as Royalty did. This would be a great shadow to just throw on by itself with a small winged liner and a little bit of mascara as a get up and go look. Both of these shadows are very creamy for being mattes and weren’t crumbly and dusty like a lot of mattes that I receive. I was definitely pleasantly surprised! The Matte shadows are only available in a mini/half size which is a 3g jar with .5g of product. You can choose whether you want it with or without a sifter for $4.85. The Matte shadows are all vegan.

Next we have a product to go along with the shadows that I was super excited to try out, Stuck On You.

(Swatches are all over bare skin)

The Stuck On You Eyeliner Fixative is a gel like liquid that, when mixed with pigments and powders, turns them into liquid eyeliners that aren’t going anywhere…. And believe me when I say that lol. This liquid includes cellulose gum to hold the pigment to the skin and make it smudge and water proof along with calendula, linden, chamomile, cornflower, and St. John’s Wort for soothing effects. You’ll have to experiment with the amount of liquid to powder depending on the brands you’re mixing it with. In my swatch, the first two swatches are Royalty and Earth Rose, while the second two are two other brands. You can see that the gold shadow is very opaque like the first two while the last one is more sheer as the shadow itself is more sheer in powder form. Different brands make their pigments with different products so it’s all about playing around and seeing what works with what. Sometimes it can be as easy as dipping your brush into the fixative and then into a powder and drawing a line, other times you have to mix them together in a small cap and then apply it like that.

I’ve tried several other types of product similar to this and let me just say that the swatches you see in this picture have gone through a load of dishes and washing a batch of barbie’s hairs out, and they’re still not moving. 100% this is the way to go if you’re looking for a way to turn your pigments into liners. You get a .5oz bottle for $9.00 and considering it takes only a half a drop to make liner for both eyes, it’s going to last you quite a while!

Lastly we have a matte lipstick from the Spring/Summer 2015 collection called Mai Tai.

(No lipliner/lip base was used)

Mai Tai is a beautiful coral orange lipstick which fits in perfectly with what’s really in this spring and summer. You can swipe it on once for a sheer look, or build it up to a more bright, bold orange color. It’s not as matte as I had expected, but I fixed that by tapping some translucent powder over the top of it later on after taking my swatch pictures. The good news is its creamy, not drying at all, and it doesn’t slip or bleed at all. While this lipstick isn’t vegan, it can be made in a vegan formula upon request! You get a full tube (.07oz) for $5.50.

Kathy has been amazing to talk to and has been super prompt in answering any questions I’ve had. I have no doubt that she’s just as amazing with customers and I can’t wait to see all of the new products that she’s coming out with! For everyone interested, here are links to her website, along with all of her social media sites (remember, all links are clickable as well):

Twitter: @FusionofColor
Instagram: @fusionofcolor
YouTube: FusionofColorMakeUp

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