Vueset Containers

My bathroom counter was a mess!  So I thought I would use the Vueset containers because I could not find half of my brushes and items in the morning. I saw a lot of posts with the Vueset containers on Instagram and thought hmmm I need that. So I dug out my Vueset containers and began my organizing.  I used the Star Nova ones for my brushes, pencils, lip pencils and shadows that I use basically everyday. But what I found is that they wereVueset container a bit too shallow. So I posted on Instagram and Vueset responded they had new one that was deeper. So I bought the Bananaman one (cost 22.00) dimensions 9 x 4.5 x 1.25. It holds a lot of brushes and does hold the Artis Brushes, but it does smooth the oval 7 a bit.



Vueset containers   I also bought the new divided one for pencils, the Freeway (cost 22.00) dimensions 9 x 4 x 1.25 in.   Does hold quite a few pencils, but I think I like the Star Nova better, I can find my colors I need faster. The Star Nova is same length but not as deep.

So far I do like using The Vueset containers for organizing. I do use the Star Nova for my eyeshadows. They fit a 3 gm jar, the 5 gm jar it a bit too tall, the top does not close. This was a good choice for me for when I have a new color collection, they are all in one place so I can test them out.

Here are my Vueset containers that I use, it does help me find things in the morning. All in all the Vueset Containers are a great option for organizing your bathroom or your kit if you are a Makeup Artist or just like things in order!

Vueset containersVueset Containers


My Ice Cream Making Adventure

My Ice Cream making adventure started because I went back to Somersizing to lose some weight.  For some reason this is the only “diet” that  works for me. For some reason after dinner I need dessert. So since I had to give up my piece of cake, coffecake and cookies, I need something to fill the void. I do love my ice cream and could not find one on the market without sugar or very low sugar I liked. So begins my ice cream making adventure. I did make ice cream long time ago and tossed the maker I had years back. So I researched machines and found the Cuisinart Ice-21 had the best reviews for the price. I got mine at Williams Sonoma it came with 2 bowls for 69.95 plus if you sign up for their e-mails you get 15% off.  Ice Cream Making

So my ice cream making adventure begins! I read the booklet, googled information, got in some ice cream books. So I tried a custard base one, but was ok too many egg yolks. So I found something called Philadelphia Style Ice Cream, has no yolks and no cooking involved! I tried a few different things and found this works the best. Cuisinart says it takes 20 min to make soft serve, hmmmm way too soft serve for me. So this is what I came up with and seems to work well.  You need 3 cups of liquid, I use 1 1/2 cups of Heavy Cream and 1 1/2 cups of Half and Half. I take the heavy cream put it in a bowl add approx a cup of Whey Low Sugar for Ice Cream and some vanilla and mix until the sugar is dissolved with a  hand mixer. Then I add the half and half and 2 tbls of powdered milk mix a bit longer.  After doing my research I found out you need to add a stabilizer, they are a few mentioned some require cooking, so those were out. But if you add 2 tbls of powdered milk to the mixture, it keeps it from getting that freezer burn and give it a nice texture.Ice Cream Making

So I make my mixture the night before put it in the fridge overnight and then the next morning put it in the freezer for about a half hour.  I also keep a bag of ice cubes in my canister in the freezer to keep it really cold.  When I am ready to make the ice cream I put the machine together, turn it on add my cold mixture. I generally let it run maybe 25 mins, after you do this a few times you will know when it is done. It still comes out soft serve, so I out it in an ice cream container (they have these especially for ice cream) and put it in the freezer. Even after maybe 6 hrs it is still soft, but you can eat it, so overnight for me works to harden it up, but it is still soft enough to spoon out.  I do stick to vanilla, this way I can add topping to it to change it up.  So far I m loving this maker and found out that this way of making it work well.