Purse Organizer or Closet Organizing!

My first New Year’s effort is Closet Organizing, namely Purse Organizer. I had my purse basically tossed on my tip shelf in the closet. When I would pull one down, they all came down. So I never changed purses very often,  I need something for my purses, did a search of google and found a few options. I settled on Luxury Livinhttp://www.fusionofcolor.net/wordpress/wp-admin/edit.phpg Park-A-Purse Organizer. I ordered it on line from JC Penny.

purse organizerThe assemble of the organizer, was well let’s say ok. It is made of cardboard, so you need to be careful. I did follow the instructions. I had trouble keeping the back closed and did tear one of the hooks.

After I assembled the organizer, I put it on the shelf and fits nicely. The purse organizer does not hold a lot of  purses and not real large purses. Now at least I can find my purses and see what I have.  All in all it is not a bad purse organizer and my closet does not look so messy anymore!!

If you want to see a short video I made on the organizer, click on this link https://www.facebook.com/fusionofcolor/videos/10157998455785453/