CND Vinylux Nail Polish

I have been seeing all these great nail pictures on Instagram. So I thought I would dig out my CND Vinylux Nail Polish and start doing my nails again. I was a user of CND Shellac and they came out with The CND Vinylux Nail Polish that you can use with out having to set them with the light. These are weekly polishes and have all the same great colors that you find in the Shellac series.

So if you like the beautiful colors that they make for shellac these are for you. The CND Vinylux Nail Polish has a  topcoat and nail polish, no base coat.  I use 2 coats of polish and 1 coat of topcoat.

I have done them with a base coat and without one. The polish does seem to last a bit longer without a base coat. I do get about 3-5 days before chipping, but if the chipping bothers you, you can fix the chips.  But all in all they do last for the week and they do offer a lot of colors to chose from. You can also find some sets that are already made up in mini bottles that give you a few colors and a topcoat. I like this idea because you can get smaller bottles and are not committed to a full size and you get more colors to try!!

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