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Columbia SkincareI was sent these products from Columbia Skincare to do an honest review of them.

Columbia Skincare proudly introduces Probiotic Concentrate and Probiotic Complex. These are the first topically applied creams that harness the wellness benefits of probiotics specifically for skincare. Probiotics, also known as “good bacteria”, found in yogurt and other ingestibles.  But now, scientists and researchers have developed a type of probiotic specifically for topical usage that helps promote the health and wellness of the body’s largest organ, the skin.

Columbia Skincare  probiotics are at the forefront of skincare technology and are about to change the paradigm for skincare. Clinically proven effective and safe Columbia Skincare products enhance and fortify the skin’s ability to do what it does naturally: renew and rejuvenate itself. The result is healthy skin. And guess what? Healthy skin is beautiful skin. Probiotic Concentrate and Complex don’t work like cosmetics. They neither hide nor cover-up anything. Rather, they nourish and renew and beautiful skin is the result. If you think about it, it makes perfect sense. And it’s consistent with everything that nature offers us. Healthy everything is much more beautiful than unhealthy anything.

Probiotic Complex: This is the world’s first probiotic formulation created specifically for topical use. Gorgeous and silky, its formulation effectively enhances the most important biological feature in aging skin: it’s ability to renew itselfColumbia Skin Care

Probiotic Concentrate: Enjoy all of the skin rejuvenating efficacy of our Probiotic Complex in a concentrated form. This contains a unique blend of probiotics, plant stem cells and peptides which intensify and enhance the skin’s renewal process.


So far I like Columbia Skin Care Products. After using them my face feels very soft and supple. The discoloration on my cheek area seems to be diminishing.  The feel of the Probiotic Complex if very rich and luxurious. You only need a small amount of each product to do you whole face and don’t forget to bring it under your chin and onto your neck.

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