Beauty Blender Mini

Beauty Blender came out with a smaller version of their original blender. The Beauty Blender Mini. BB duoGood idea??? Since I have been using the Beauty Blender for years this peaked my interest.  There are 2 sponges in the Beauty Blender Mini package and they are tiny. I have been using them to apply eye primer and concealer. I like the way the product applies using the Beauty Blender Mini, I use them dry. They do get a bit bigger when wet.

bb mini wet and dry

They do get into small spaces and work as well as the full size ones.  They only draw back they of the Beauty Blender Mini is that they are  too small to hold on to. I have small hands and you really have to grab the bigger part of the sponge to hold on to it. If you have bigger hands or a male makeup artist or a male that wears makeup, you would have a problem holding on to these.  Was it a good idea, yes but they probably should have done more research on the size of it. I do like using it for smaller spaces and it does get into them well and works.  Maybe Beauty Blender should make one between the original sized Beauty Blender and the Beauty Blender Mini.

This is the original Beauty Blender and the new Beauty Blender Mini. You can see the difference in the size of them and these are dry not wet. BB comparison


These were purchased by me.