88 Handbags Review

88 Handbags reached out to us for a collaboration. Of course we said yes. Who would not want to review a new purse. 88 Handbags is a vegan brand and no animal products are used. The founder of 88 is a life long vegetarian and believes that the environment would benefit from the reduction of factory farming.  https://www.88-eightyeight.com

The scientific names for the leather they use are PU (polyurethane) and PVC (polyvinylchloride) PU. The company thinks it is better for the environment. Although more expensive 88 only uses PU in our bags.

88 develops all of our own custom hardware, again with a focus on the best way for the environment and not necessarily the cheapest way.

I have been trying to update my look lately, so what great way to do it by adding a new purse in a great color! So I got the Katie Medium Satchel in Cobalt.  The size of the bag is perfect for me and it is very roomy and the color is gorgeous!  The bag is not heavy when it is empty. I find that sometimes with some purses that they are very heavy even before you put anything in them. On the inside of the purse there are places for cell phone and other items.  My IPad fits into the purse nicely. I have a 9.7″ IPad and it fits.
The Katie has a snap closure and a zipper compartment in the center and small compartments along the side.

88 Handbags

With the purse being “vegan leather” if you spill something on it, you can clean it of with a cloth.

So if you are looking to update your look add ing a new purse on a fun color is the way to do it.

I will be back to get another purse from 88 Handbags.