Vera Mona Color Switch Stippling Sponge

Gathering items to do some product swatches I came across the Vera Mona Color Switch stippling sponge that I had bought a long time ago and never used. It is a stippling sponge to clean brushes. I thought ok, this is a good time to give it a try.  Well let me just say it works!  I would not use the stippling sponge daily to on brushes, only because I would be afraid of the bristles breaking and getting damaged.  But for MUA and maybe bloggers that do a lot of swatches this would be a good thing.  I have seen some have found alternatives to this Vera Mona Color Switch stippling sponge. There are now a lot of companies now have their own version of stippling sponges.  I like the fact it is in a container and can be taken apart to be washed. I will be using this when I do my swatches.

It is good for spot cleaning only. You use it dry, take your dirty eyeshadow brush then rub it on the sponge part of the item. I did not rub too hard, it does take the pigment out of the brush.  It did save me a lot of time, and I did not have a lot of brushes to wash after I was done.



This is the one I got and from this is the description from their website
Stroke your brush against the Duo sponge to completely remove eye shadow color to then switch to the next color. The Duo also has a sponge in the center that can be soaked with water or a fixing agent to then dampen a brush for wet makeup application.

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